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BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative

The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative helps save time and money while purchasing the products school systems use every day. Would you like to save time and money? BuyBoard is an online purchasing cooperative designed to streamline the purchasing process and help its members make confident buying decisions.

What is BuyBoard?

The National School Boards Association collaborated with the Rhode Island Association of School Committees and the Maryland Association of Boards of Education to create the National Purchasing Cooperative’s BuyBoard program.

Currently endorsed by several state school boards associations and administered by the Texas Association of School Boards, the program’s purpose is to obtain reduced prices for its members through the benefits and efficiencies of a purchasing cooperative.

ISBA membership entitles your district to become a BuyBoard member for free. Once you sign up for BuyBoard, your district has the ability to make purchases from an approved list of vendors that have gone through a competitive bidding process.


A major benefit of this program is the opportunity to combine the cooperative’s ability to get volume discounts with the ease of online shopping and ordering. Other benefits include:

Power in numbers — By combining the purchasing power of cooperative members, BuyBoard participants are able to leverage better pricing from vendors they may already use. The program also helps reduce administrative and resource time.

Purchase with confidence — BuyBoard features many well-known vendors on its product list. The cooperative analyzes and makes award recommendations for products and services that have been submitted for competitive procurement. All awarded products and services are posted on BuyBoard’s secure website.

Save time — Contracts on BuyBoard have already undergone a competitive procurement process, which saves your district time and the cost of bid preparation. A unique feature of BuyBoard is the Request for Quote (RFQ) function, an electronic request that permits your district to select numerous vendors when submitting requests.

Another time-saving feature is the ability to shop and order online. Your district can place orders online or fax purchase orders for same-day processing. Searches by vendor and product type can also be done online.

How to Join

To sign up for BuyBoard, visit and click on the “Entity Registration” tab found at the top of the page. Next, click on the “How to Join” link found next to the “Other States” headline. You then will find six steps to fully complete your program registration. A board resolution or board meeting minutes must be provided to join the program.

How to Sign Up for BuyBoard in Just Six Steps

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for BuyBoard®

For help getting started, watch these videos:

Getting Started
The Search

or check out these instructions. For additional questions please contact Rochelle Adams, ISBA Graphics & Marketing Coordinator at (208) 854-1476.