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Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

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The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

Ed Sessions 2.0 Partners

What are the Ed Sessions 2.0?
The ED Sessions 2.0 series, beginning in January 2013, is a monthly education forum featuring nationally recognized speakers from the education community. ED Sessions 2.0 is the evolution of the popular ED Sessions series, which featured speakers Sir Ken Robinson, Mike Rowe and Sal Khan.
This next generation of forums is designed to keep Idaho's key thought leaders and policy makers from pushing pause on education reform at a time when we should be accelerating. With the right venue, great food, carefully selected audience members and timely and nationally recognized speakers, this lunch series will be the hottest ticket in Boise. The strategic progression of speakers will build momentum for education reform.

  • Dates: first Tuesday of the month from 11:30AM-1:00PM
  • Location: Linen Building
  • Who: Top 100 Idaho education reform leaders
  • January Speakers: Paul Hill PhD & Marguerite Roza PhD talking about America's Education Reform Hangover—Where Does Idaho Go From Here?

What are the key messages we are promoting at the Ed Sessions 2.0?

  • We can't push the pause button on education reform —Idaho's kids won't wait.
  • This is urgent. We are falling further behind in both the national and international arena for student achievement.
  • There are timely opportunities for real education reform if we listen to what has and is being learned in other states and by experts.

What does being an Ed Sessions 2.0 partner mean?

  • Partners commit to attending the monthly lunch events. Lunch cost: $18.00
  • Partners distribute and promote monthly lunch events.
  • Partners are provided with the opportunity to host the monthly speaker at an event for your company or organization. (Note: speaker fees may apply)
  • Partners feed the dialogue in the blogsphere, Twitter and social networking sites.
  • Partners invite and underwrite other thought leaders.
  • Partners promote the nonprofit that will be recognized and honored each month.
    Note: Proceeds each month will be donated to an education-related nonprofit.

What are the benefits of partnership?

  • Being associated with the Ed Sessions provides a lot of free advertising to partners.
  • Others will consider you a thought leader in Idaho.
  • This will quickly become one of the hottest tickets in town! Partners will be guaranteed two reserved tickets each month (cost $36 per month).

Sign up to be a partner with Blossom Johnston at by December 10.
Note: the January event is targeted at legislators so tickets will be very limited for the general public-another reason to sign up as a partner!