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Mission, Vision, & Standards

Provide leadership and services to local school boards for the benefit of students and for the advocacy of public education.

Board Member leadership for excellence in Idaho public education.

The Standards of the Idaho School Boards Association

ISBA Executive Board

The Idaho School Boards Association is governed by a 22-member Executive Board including four officers as well as two representatives from each of the nine regions. The Executive Board and member districts and charter schools are supported by ISBA staff and the Executive Director.

2016 - 2017 Executive Board Members:

Margaret (Margie) Chipman ISBA President
Margaret (Margie) Chipman
Weiser SD #431

James (Jim) Stoor ISBA President-Elect
James (Jim) Stoor
Soda Springs Joint SD #150

Jennifer Parkins ISBA Vice President
Jennifer Parkins
Genesee Joint SD #282

John Menter ISBA Immediate Past President
John Menter
Moscow Charter School

2016 - 2017 Regional Representatives:

Tom Hearn Region 1 Chair
Tom Hearn
Coeur d'Alene SD #271

No_Picture_Available Region 1 Vice Chair
Jody Hendrickx
St. Maries Joint SD #041

Kim Campbell Region 2 Chair
Kim Campbell
Moscow SD #281

Susan Region 2 Vice Chair
Susan Rigg
Genesee Joint SD #282

Jason Knopp Region 3 Chair
Jason Knopp
Melba Joint SD #136

Nancy Gregory Region 3 Vice Chair
Nancy Gregory
Boise City Independent SD #001

Scott Tverdy Region 4 Chair
Scott Tverdy
Buhl Joint SD #412

Starr Olsen Region 4 Vice Chair
Starr Olsen
Dietrich SD #314

Janie Gebhardt Region 5 Chair
Janie Gebhardt
Pocatello/Chubbuck SD #025

Braden Driscoll Region 5 Vice Chair
Braden Driscoll
Aberdeen SD #058

Ryan Ashcraft Region 6 Chair
Ryan Ashcraft
West Jefferson SD #253

Holly Allen Region 6 Vice Chair
Holly Allen
Madison SD #321

Brett Plummer Region 7 Chair
Brett Plummer
Challis Joint SD #181

Candace Burns Region 7 Vice Chair
Candace Burns
Salmon SD #291

Lacey MacKenzie-Yraguen Region 8 Chair
Lacey MacKenzie-Yraguen
Weiser SD #431

Nick Petitmermet Region 8 Vice Chair
Nick Petitmermet
Cambridge Joint SD #423

Wally Hedrick Region 9 Chair
Wally Hedrick
Meridian Technical Charter High School

Leslie Baker Region 9 Vice Chair
Leslie Baker
Moscow Charter School