This site contains all of the Master Agreements ISBA has received from school districts. The purpose of this site is provide you with a searchable database for negotiation purposes. Oftentimes during negotiations, issues will be brought to the table that your school district may not have previously addressed. This database gives you access to dozens of other Master Agreements that may contain language that would be useful to you in crafting the new language for your district’s agreement.

Here is how it works:

  1. Type in the key word or phrase you are seeking.
  2. A list of all the districts whose Master Agreement contains that word or phrase will be listed.
  3. Open any district’s Master Agreement from the list.
  4. Type in the key word or phrase once again and you should be directed to the specific language.

Aberdeen (2019-2020)American Falls (2019-2020) Avery (2019-2020)Basin (2018-2019)Basin (2019-2020)Bear Lake (2018-2019)Bear Lake (2019-2020)Blackfoot (2018-2019)Blackfoot (2019-2020)Blaine County (2017-2018)Boise (2018-2019)Boise (2019-2020)Bonneville (2017-2018)Boundary County (2018-2019)Boundary County (2019-2020)Buhl (2019-2020)Caldwell (2018-2019)Caldwell (2019-2020) Cambridge (2018-2019)Cambridge (2019-2020)Cascade (2018-2019)Cassia (2017-2018)Cassia (2018-2019)Challis (2018-2019)Challis (2019-2020)Clark County (2019-2020) Coeur d’Alene (2018-2019)Coeur d’ Alene (2019-2020)Cottonwood (2017-2018)Council (2017-2018) Council (2018-2019)Culdesac (2018-2019)Culdesac (2019-2020) Emmett (2018-2019)Emmett (2019-2020)Filer (2017-2018) Filer (2018-2019)Filer (2019-2020)Fremont (2017-2018) Fremont (2018-2019)Fruitland (2018-2019)Fruitland (2019-2020)Genessee (2017-2018) Glenns Ferry (2018-2019)Glenns Ferry (2019-2020)Highland (2017-2018) Highland (2018-2019)Hansen (2018-2019)Hansen (2019-2020)Homedale (2017-2018)Horseshoe Bend (2019-2020) Idaho Falls (2018-2019)Idaho Falls (2019-2020)Jefferson (2018-2019)Jerome (2017-2018) Jerome (2018-2019)Kamiah (2018-2019)Kamiah (2019-2020)Kellogg (2018-2019)Kellogg (2019-2020)Kendrick (2019-2020)Kimberly (2019-2020) Kootenai (2019-2020) Kuna (2019-2020)Lakeland (2017-2018) Lakeland (2018-2019)Lake Pend Oreille (2018-2019)Lake Pend Oreille (2019-2020) Lapwai (2018-2019)Lewiston (2018-2019)Lewiston (2019-2020)Mackay (2018-2019)Mackay (2019-2020)Madison (2017-2018) Marsh Valley (2018-2019)Marsing (2018-2019)Marsing (2019-2020)McCall-Donnelly (2017-2018) McCall-Donnelly (2018-2019)Middleton (2018-2019)Minidoka (2018-2019)Minidoka (2019-2020)Moscow (2018-2019)Moscow (2019-2020)Mountain View (2017-2018)Mountain Home (2018-2019)Mountain Home (2019-2020) Nampa (2018-2019)Nampa (2019-2020)New Plymouth (2018-2019)New Plymouth (2019-2020)Nezperce (2018-2019)Nezperce (2019-2020)Notus (2019-2020)Oneida (2019-2020)Parma (2019-2020)Payette (2019-2020) Plummer-Worley (2018-2019)Pocatello Chubbuck (2017-2018)Postfalls (2018-2019)Post Falls (2019-2020)Potlatch (2018-2019)Potlatch (2019-2020)Richfield (2017-2018) Richfield (2018-2019)Rigby (2017-2018)Ririe (2017-2018)Rockland (2019-2020)Shelley (2019-2020)Shoshone (2019-2020) Snake River (2019-2020)Soda Springs (2019-2020)St. Maries (2019-2020) Sugar-Salem (2018-2019)Sugar-Salem (2019-2020)Teton (2019-2020)Troy (2018-2019)Troy (2019-2020)Twin Falls (2017-2018)Vallivue (2018-2019)Vallivue (2019-2020) Weiser (2019-2020)West Bonner (2017-2018)West Jefferson (2018-2019)West Jefferson (2019-2020)Wilder (2017-2018) Wilder (2018-2019)