The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is a non-profit, service organization providing policy services, legislative advocacy, leadership support and quality, cost-efficient board professional development to association members.

Championing Education Since 1942

2020 ISBA Executive Board

The Idaho School Boards Association is governed by a 22-member Executive Board including four officers as well as two representatives from each of the nine regions. The Executive Board and member districts and charter schools are supported by ISBA staff and the Executive Director.


Wally Hedrick

ISBA President

Jody Hendrickx

ISBA President-Elect

Jason Knopp

ISBA Vice President

Jennifer Parkins

ISBA Immediate Past President

Margy Hall

Region 1 Chair

Michelle Lippert

Region 1 Vice Chair

Ken Hart

Region 2 Chair

Rebecca Warden

Region 2 Vice Chair

Jason Sevy

Region 3 Chair

Joy Thomas

Region 3 Vice Chair

Starr Olsen

Region 4 Chair

Bryan Matsuoka

Region 4 Vice Chair

Alan Erickson

Region 5 Chair

Lon Harrington

Region 5 Vice Chair

Katie Taylor

Region 6 Chair

Brian Pyper

Region 6 Vice Chair

Brett Plummer

Region 7 Chair

Karen Pyron

Region 7 Vice Chair

Nick Petitmermet

Region 8 Chair

Matt Frye

Region 8 Vice Chair

Louis Pifher

Region 9 Chair

Debbi Burr

Region 9 Vice Chair