The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is a non-profit, service organization providing policy services, legislative advocacy, leadership support and quality, cost-efficient board training to association members.

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Resolutions representing the aims and purpose of the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) are considered one of the most important functions of the Associations.  Resolutions adopted at the Annual Convention establish ISBA’s legislative platform and automatically remain valid policy of the ISBA for a period of two years unless otherwise acted upon.

2018 Resolutions

Table of Contents: 2018 Table of Contents
Resolution 3: Excision
Resolution 4: Education Allocation for Out of State Teachers
Resolution 5: Card Check
Resolution 7: CTE Education Factor
Resolution 8: Contracts for Teachers on Interim Certifications
Resolution 9: School Board Trustee Elections November Odd Years
Resolution 11: Transportation Funding
Resolution 12: Funding Principles
Resolution 15: Sale of Public Property within Executive Session
Resolution 16: Permissible Education Activities for Elections

2017 Resolutions

Table of Contents: 2017 Table of Contents
Resolution 5: Retention of Retired Teachers
Resolution 6: Funding School Construction
Resolution 7: Reducing the Super Majority Requirement for Approval of School Facility Bonds
Resolution 8: Reduce the 2/3 Majority Vote Requirement to a Simple Majority in Order to Convene an Executive Session
Resolution 9: Opposition to Amending Article IX Section V of the Idaho Constitution
Resolution 11: Rural School Centers
Resolution 12: Salary Based Apportionment for Classified Employees