The Idaho School Boards Association advocates for Idaho students and public education with leadership and service for local school boards.

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Resolutions representing the aims and purpose of the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) are considered one of the most important functions of the Associations.  Resolutions adopted at the Annual Convention establish ISBA’s legislative platform and automatically remain valid policy of the ISBA for a period of two years unless otherwise acted upon.

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2021 Resolutions

Table of Contents: 2021 Table of Contents
Resolution 1: Allowing for Decisions Regarding Student Hearings in Executive Session
Resolution 2: Amend Idaho Code to Require that Candidates on an Interim Certificate Cannot be Placed on a Renewable Contract Until Respective Program Requirements are Met
Resolution 3: Denial of School Attendance
Resolution 4: Amending Idaho School Age Statute to Allow Flexibility for School Preparedness Programs
Resolution 5: In Opposition to Diverting Public Dollars to Private or Parochial Schools
Resolution 6: Reduce Super Majority on Facility Bonds
Resolution 8: Administrative Leave With Pay
Resolution 9: Personnel Funding – Use it or Lose it
Resolution 10: Full Funding of All Day Kindergarten
Resolution 11: Reclamation of Career Ladder Placement for Instructional and Pupil Service Staff
Resolution 12: Salary Based Apportionment for Classified Employees
Resolution 13: Restoration of FY21 Funding Holdbacks
Resolution 15: Modification to Definition to Recognize Public Schools as Public Facilities to Collect Impact Fees

Proposed Bylaw Change

Executive Board Officer Elections
ISBA Dues Structure

2020 Resolutions

Table of Contents: 2020 Table of Contents
Resolution 1: Local Control Regarding School Security
Resolution 2: Extension of Supplemental Levies
Resolution 3: Salary Allocation
Resolution 4: Task Force on Property Tax Reform
Resolution 5: Revision of Idaho Code on Excisions
Resolution 6: Sale of Public Property in Exec Session
Resolution 8: Flexibility of Missassignment in Teacher Assignments
Resolution 9: School Age and Accountability Requirements
Resolution 11: Support for Idaho Science Standards
Resolution 12: K-12 Funding Principles
Resolution 13: Increased Reimbursements for Driver Training Programs