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School Board Appreciation Month

In honor and gratitude to the more than 800 school board members, June 2024 is School Board Appreciation Month in Idaho.

This annual event provides each of us with the opportunity to honor the important role and dedication of our local school board members and express our thanks and gratitude for their public service.

School Board Recognition Month honors the countless hours of service made by the unpaid elected volunteers who serve on Idaho’s local school boards. These local leaders give their time and energy to tackle budgets, oversee the management of Idaho’s public schools and charter schools, and serve their local communities.


In honor of School Board Appreciation Month, ISBA is excited to share the winning artwork from the 2024 Inaugural ISBA President’s Art Contest, held in honor of our esteemed ISBA President, Starr Olsen. This year’s theme, “My Dreams for the Future,” inspired students from Dietrich School District #314 to express their aspirations and goals artistically.

We are proud to present the individual grade winners and the overall winner from Dietrich School District. The overall winning artwork by Cannon Webb (1st Grade), chosen by President Olsen, and was featured on the June School Board Appreciation Month postcard sent to over 800 school board members across Idaho. Additionally, the artwork from each grade level will be featured on the ISBA School Board Appreciation webpage.

This contest highlights the creativity and vision of Idaho students while also celebrating the dedication and leadership of Idaho’s local school boards. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these students and all the talented participants who shared their dreams through art. Their work is a testament to the bright future ahead for Idaho’s education.

Messages from the ISBA Executive Board. Click video below:

A Thank You from the Kids. Click video below:   

ISBA 2024 Appreciation Toolkit

Whether you are a school district, local school, parent, or patron, we hope you’ll consider taking this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of your local school board members. We encourage community leaders, business partners, and education partners to join in our recognition efforts. ISBA has assembled a customizable toolkit to help aid in your celebration efforts. We hope the following resources can help you in this effort.

  1. Sample Activities
  2. Sample Press Release
  3. Sample Letter to the Editor
  4. Sample School Board Appreciation Month logo
  5. Customizable Social Media Posts
  6. School Board Appreciation Month Fillable Certificate
  7. Instructions for Customizable Social Media Posts