The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is a non-profit, service organization providing policy services, legislative advocacy, leadership support and quality, cost-efficient board training to association members.

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2018 ISBA Scholarship Application

To access the 2018 ISBA Scholarship Application & Guidelines click here… Scholarship Application.


2017 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

Each year at the ISBA Annual Convention, the Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship Trust hosts the Scholarship Auction. Individuals from around the State donate items to be auctioned off. The proceeds are awarded as scholarships, to the children and grandchildren of current or former Idaho school board members. Over $115,000 has been awarded in the past 13 years.

Recipient Region Board Member Relationship
Mitchell Barnett 2 Patty Barnett Parent
Morgan Betzer 7 Donald Betzer Parent
Brie Beyeler 7 Bryant Beyeler Parent
Mettalise Bracht-Bedell 8 Mikael E. Bedell Parent
Maci Dimond 4 Justin Lee Dimond Parent
Audrey Dingel 3 Janet Orndorff Grandparent
Natalie Gibbons 4 Jason Gibbons Parent
* Hanna Hayes 3 Kristine Kingery Parent
Grace Hepworth 6 Bonnie Hepworth Parent
* Sierra Hovey 2 Dustin Heinzerling Parent
Valery Kindall 8 Dennis Marti Grandparent
Mia Klopfenstein 3 Ed Klopfenstein Parent
Conner Krezman 1 Shirley A. Anderson Grandparent
Logan Lankford 5 Lane Lankford Parent
Sarah Laritz 8 Carolyn Friend Grandparent
Rachel Leavitt 4 Staci Leavitt Parent
McKenzie Malm 2 Theodore Malm & Bonita Freytag Grandparents
Kynsee Mussmann 4 Berwyn Mussmann Grandparent
Travis Neal 5 Alden Neal Grandparent
Kaitlyn Nogales 3 Daniel Nogales Parent
Natalie Ogden 5 Alden Neal Grandparent
Jaicee Parke 4 Daniel Parke Parent
Sydney Pratt 8 Brooke Pratt Parent
Jason Rembelski 7 Ron Rembelski Parent
Maddie Stapleton 2 Joyce Stapleton Barnard Grandparent
Chiara Stigum 2 Nathan Stigum Grandparent
Delaney Wagers 3 David Wagers Parent
Savannah Wagers 3 David Wagers Parent