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2021 Scholarship Application

To view the 2021 ISBA Scholarship Application & Guidelines click HERE.

2020 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

Each year at the ISBA Annual Convention, the Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship Trust hosts the Scholarship Auction. Individuals from around the State donate items to be auctioned off. The proceeds are awarded as scholarships, to the children and grandchildren of current or former Idaho school board members. Over $115,000 has been awarded in the past 15 years.

Recipient Region Board Member Relationship
Mari Bjorneberg 4 David Bjorneberg Parent
Ladd Christensen 5 Joy Christensen Parent
Kali Davis 1 Brook Amber Valley Parent
Annalise DeVries 8 Douglas Larzelier Grandparent
Lauren DeVries 8 Douglas Larzelier Grandparent
Macey Fillmore 6 Tyler Fillmore Parent
Suzanne Galbraith 6 Kristin Galbraith Parent
Joshua Henggeler 8 Kelly Henggeler Parent
Alexee Kline 8 Brandee Kline Parent
Matthew Krein 9 Melissa Krein Parent
Abigail Leavitt 4 Staci Leavitt Parent
Brooke Morris 5 Randal Morris Parent
Dallin Palmer 5 Brooke Palmer Parent
Bailey Provost 9 Mike Provost Parent
Victoria Rae 1 Teresa Lynn Rae Parent
Ella Sharp 4 Matthew Sharp Parent
Elysse South 6 Terry Wilcox Grandparent
Abigail Spencer 3 Nichoel Baird Spencer Parent
Jacoda Whitworth 7 Herb Whitworth Grandparent

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