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2020 Scholarship Application

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2019 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

Each year at the ISBA Annual Convention, the Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship Trust hosts the Scholarship Auction. Individuals from around the State donate items to be auctioned off. The proceeds are awarded as scholarships, to the children and grandchildren of current or former Idaho school board members. Over $115,000 has been awarded in the past 14 years.



Recipient Region Board Member Relationship
Erika Anthony 4 Nick Sabala Grandparent
Jimmy Barnett 2 Patty Barnett Parent
Kaitlyn Burnham 4 Byron Burnham Parent
Stephen Crawford 6 Janet Crawford Parent
Abbigail Davis 2 Jason Davis Parent
* Madison Fillmore 6 Tyler Fillmore Parent
Jordyne Fredrickson 2 Wendy Fredrickson Parent
Samuel Fuller 3 Mike Fuller Parent
Paxton Goodman 1 Vaughn Goodman Parent
Harrison Hertzberg 9 Bill Hertzberg Parent
Madison Hinkelman 2 Aaron Hinkelman Parent
Emma Landers 6 Amy Landers Parent
** Allyson LeForce 2 Keri LeForce Parent
Katelyn McBride 6 Douglas McBride Parent
Ashlyn McBride 6 Douglas McBride Parent
Ender Sandidge 3 Laura Sandidge Grandparent
*** Orion Southwick 8 Richard Southwick Jr Parent
Kyle Spence 2 Sharon Church Grandparent
Hannah Stapleton 2 Joyce Stapleton Grandparent
Charlie Swan 5 George Swan Grandparent
Kolby Taylor 4 Kimberly Taylor Parent
Jodi Transtrum 5 Todd Transtrum Parent
Grant Turner 1 Carolyn Turner Parent
Landon Wahl 2 Carrie Wahl Parent

* Comstock Jr. Memorial Scholarship Winner.

** Comstock Sr. Memorial Scholarship Winner.

*** Smith Family Memorial Scholarship Winner.

2015 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

2016 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

2017 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

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