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2019 Scholarship Application

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2018 ISBA Scholarship Recipients

Each year at the ISBA Annual Convention, the Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship Trust hosts the Scholarship Auction. Individuals from around the State donate items to be auctioned off. The proceeds are awarded as scholarships, to the children and grandchildren of current or former Idaho school board members. Over $115,000 has been awarded in the past 13 years.

Recipient Region Board Member Relationship
Kyle Almeida 1 Teresa Nickisch Grandparent
Victoria Anderson 4 Tracie Anderson Parent
Abygail Berger 1 Anna Berger Parent
Sydney Bruner 2 Kellie Bruner Parent
Emily Call 9 Jill Call Parent
Benjamin Compas 3 Frank Fullmer Grandparent
* Sarah Fry 2 James Fry Parent
Hunter Gust 1 Barbara Gust Parent
Hannah Hedelius 4 Kateera Glisan Parent
Spencer Killpack 6 Garry Dean Killpack Grandparent
Jalen Kirk 2 Mandy Kirk Parent
Parker Lloyd 8 Shane Lloyd Parent
Savanah Nunes 4 Jason Nunes Parent
Sonora Palmer 5 Brooke Palmer Parent
Jordan Pentzer 2 Ed Pentzer Parent
Taylor Pickford 1 Tambra Pickford Parent
Madison Piper 8 Jerry Piper Parent
Kelly Pyper 6 Brian Pyper Parent
Megan Snow 3 David Snow Parent
Carlie Stoker 3 Ramon Garth Stoker Grandparent
Sadie Sutton 5 Bradley Sutton Parent
Patricia Swenson 4 Jerry Callen Sr. Grandparent
** Morgan Weeks 2 Nathan Weeks Parent
Emma Winkle 3 Timothy Winkle Parent
Elizabeth Wootan 4 Rich Wootan Parent

* Smith Family Memorial Scholarship Winner.

** Comstock Memorial Scholarship Winner.

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