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Let’s Talk Full-Day Kindergarten

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Funding full-day kindergarten has been an adopted ISBA resolution for the last four consecutive years, and we will continue to advocate for the funding of full-day K. Data shows that children who attend full-day kindergarten show significantly stronger academic gains over the course of their kindergarten year than their counterparts in half-day programs. Idaho’s current system privileges certain students based on their zip code or their parent’s ability to pay tuition. We believe free full-day should be equally accessible regardless of where you live.

Please contact your representative and tell them why you support full-day kindergarten.

Need Talking Points?

  1. Schools and districts often must charge tuition to parents or utilize property tax levies just to offer a full-day kindergarten program.
  2. Many parents who would like their children to attend full-day kindergarten are unable to because of the extra cost, putting their children at a disadvantage with their peers.
  3. The benefits to children that full-day kindergarten provides should not be determined by zip code.
  4. Universal full-day kindergarten would be optional for parents just as kindergarten has always been in Idaho.
  5. Research shows kids who attend full-day kindergarten have better academic outcomes in first grade and show greater gains over the course of their kindergarten year than their counterparts in half-day programs.
  6. In a recent poll conducted by Boise State School of Public Service, over 68% of Idahoans support increasing funding to school districts so they can provide full-day kindergarten programs. (61% of Republicans, 69% of Independents, and 89% of Democrats).

How to Make an Impact?

Don’t underestimate the power of a good story. When drafting an email or making a phone call to Legislators remember to share your perspective. How will access to full-day kindergarten benefit you, your district, or your community? If you have access to full-day kindergarten, why do you feel strongly others should too?

Tips to Make Your Voice Heard

  • Send an email or make a phone call
  • Write a letter to the editor, Op-eds, or post on social media

ISBA is happy to assist you in crafting messaging, contacting legislators, and finding the best platform to share your education message. Contact

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