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Health & Wellness Corner

The Health and Wellness Corner is a service of Dairy West. This site will provide informative articles, videos, and other news relating to the importance of nutrition and exercise in our daily lives.

Nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and we believe everyone should have access to free, credible nutrition education. Dairy is doctor recommended and is an established part of a healthy diet. Dairy West is a nutrition education organization serving Idaho and beyond. Our goal is to ensure educators, health professionals, scientists, and media have a credible body of nutrition knowledge to use for education and health recommendations.

  • Dairy West has ( 5 ) Registered Dietitians on staff to answer any and all health and wellness questions.


Dietitians from Dairy West are ready to answer your questions!  Please send your questions to Jaclyn St. John at [email protected].  You will see your answer on this site either in writing or as a video. We welcome all questions and especially encourage them from the perspective of a student, parent, educator, school board member, etc.

  • Question: How do I know what to feed my student athlete?
    Answer from Dairy West: Click HERE
  • Question: What are the benefits of recess before lunch?
    Answer from Dairy West: Click HERE


This section will highlight some of the latest health and wellness information, tips, and ideas.

Chunky Monkey Pancakes – check out this video for a fun recipe to try with your family this summer:



Happy Summer!  Stay Healthy, 3 Simple Ways – The Seattle Seahawks and Dairy West congratulate you on completing another school year and wish you a happy summer! Stay healthy this summer in 3 simple ways!

  1. Fuel Up! Fueling your day is one of the most important steps to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate a variety of foods including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, protein and 3 servings of dairy into your diet every day.
  2. Get active! Whatever your favorite activity may be-swimming, running, flag football-choose to play for 60 minutes each day.
  3. Have fun! The summer is your time to take a break and do activities you enjoy. Laughing and having fun with others will help keep you happy and healthy all year long!

THE IMPORTANCE OF ANNUAL SCREENINGS & ESTABLISHING A PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN – Kim, lost her sister, Carol, at the beginning of 2017 to breast cancer. To keep Carol’s memory alive, Kim encourages everyone to be engaged in their own health by establishing a primary care physician and doing annual screenings and testing.
Click on Kim’s story below…

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