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Health & Wellness Corner

The Health and Wellness Corner is a service of Dairy West. This site will provide informative articles, videos, and other news relating to the importance of nutrition and exercise in our daily lives.

Nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and we believe everyone should have access to free, credible nutrition education. Dairy is doctor recommended and is an established part of a healthy diet. Dairy West is a nutrition education organization serving Idaho and beyond. Our goal is to ensure educators, health professionals, scientists, and media have a credible body of nutrition knowledge to use for education and health recommendations.

  • Dairy West has ( 5 ) Registered Dietitians on staff to answer any and all health and wellness questions.


Dietitians from Dairy West are ready to answer your questions!  Please send your questions to Jaclyn St. John at [email protected].  You will see your answer on this site either in writing or as a video. We welcome all questions and especially encourage them from the perspective of a student, parent, educator, school board member, etc.

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This section will highlight some of the latest health and wellness information, tips, and ideas.

   By Morgan Garcia


Happy Halloween to all the children who enjoy a tasty snack. Every year there is always some form of Halloween party in my son’s classroom or we have one at home. If you’re like me, I get tired of bringing monster cookies or candy corn for the kids. I try to stay with healthier, but still fun, options. Here are some ideas for you!

For the Pumpkins – Peel Cuties oranges and slice thin pieces of celery to use as a pumpkin stem.

For the Ghosts – Peel bananas and cut them in half. Use small chocolate chips for the eyes.

Check out the link to make the Raw Witch Fingers Recipe. These are actually similar to a healthy energy ball.

Raw Witches Fingers

Ways To Stay Healthy

Last month we gave some great tips and tricks to keeping our hearts happy and healthy. I have attached a great video that provides ways to stay more active by doing things through your normal day. Click on link below:


  • Click HERE to read the full article from Jaclyn St. John with Dairy West.

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