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Our Standards


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The Idaho School Boards Association Standards

1) Vision and Mission
2) Continuous Improvement
3) Advocacy
4) Accountability
5) Community Engagement
6) Board Operations and Training

Idaho School Boards Association is committed to meeting the governance challenge by providing every public school board in Idaho with high standards of performance. We believe a straightforward approach to school board quality, accountability, and trust will bring excellence in achievement to both the overall district and the individual classroom.

The Development History

In mid-2012, the Board Leadership Development Committee of the ISBA Executive Board began evaluating draft standards and performance indicators for school boards and board members. In November of 2013, these draft standards were presented to the membership at the Annual Convention. A workshop was held during this event to gather feedback and input on these draft standards. From November to February the draft standards were vetted by individual boards across Idaho. The draft was further edited for both inclusion and alignment of the Key Work of School Boards as well as readability. In February of 2014, the ISBA Executive Board unanimously approved the Idaho School Boards Association standards upon the recommendation of the Board Leadership and Development Committee.

Why are the standards important?

The standards matter because quality matters. These standards are designed to better prepare school board members to carry out their governance role. School Districts that are high achieving districts know the importance of a strong School Board and a cohesive Board–Superintendent Team. This type of quality in the boardroom helps drive student success.

What do the ISBA Standards mean to me and my Board?

These standards have been created not only to define the role of the School Board Member but also to provide the specific steps for development and continual improvement of a District’s quality management team. This will allow the Board to monitor the progress of student achievement and district goals and thus ensure success. One cornerstone of the standards is continual improvement. No Board should ever be content with where they are at any given moment. The standards help boards constantly look for ways to become more effective and efficient leaders in governance. The standards will allow for a systemic evaluation of not only the individual’s contribution to the District’s success but also of the ability of the Board to govern effectively.

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