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2023 ISBA Student Video Contest

Join us for our inaugural ISBA Student video contest and share your love for your Idaho public school. Please refer to the information below for more details and how to enter the contest.

Theme: What do you love about your Idaho public school?

  • Some ideas to help guide you along:
    • What makes your school stand out above the rest?
    • How is your school shaping you and your peers to become better people?
    • What is something no one knows about your school?
  • Feature people, stills, animation — whatever you think best conveys your message. Get creative in your approach!

Details and Rules:

  • The video must be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • The video must follow the guidelines outlined in the theme.
  • Any students shown in the video must have a signed photo/video release form.
  • The school district or charter school must be a member of the Idaho School Boards Association.

Video content must NOT:

  • Violate copyright laws (see below).
  • Promote illegal behavior.
  • Discriminate against or support invidious prejudice toward others along ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual grounds.
  • Invade the privacy of any person.
  • Support or oppose a candidate for elected office or advocate for the passage or defeat of legislation or a ballot measure.
  • Be inappropriate as determined by ISBA.

Copywrite Laws:

No copyrighted material (music, images, etc.) or trademarks (company names, logos, brands, etc.) may be used unless the district owns or has a license to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Prize Information:

A $300 check will be awarded to three schools — one in the small category, one in the medium category, and one in the large category.

The category breakdown is as follows:

Category:District/Charter Student Enrollment:
Small1,000 or less
Medium1,001 – 8,000
Large8,001 – 40,000

Submission Details & Guidelines

To submit a video, the school must:

  • Complete the online application found below.
  • Ensure the district or charter school has the proper filming permissions for each person featured in the video.
  • Upload your video file to YouTube or Vimeo and attach the link to the online application before submitting.
  • Submission Deadline: Monday, October 2, 2023 


  • If you do not feel comfortable using our online submission option, ISBA will also accept your video on a USB flash drive. The flash drive must arrive at our office no later than October 2, 2023.

ISBA Office Address . 199 N. Capitol Blvd., Suite 503 . Boise, ID 83702

2023 ISBA Student Video Contest

Our inaugural ISBA Student Video Contest. Share with us your love for your Idaho public school.