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Communicating the Roles of a School Board/Board Member

In the intricate web of public education, school board members emerge as crucial connectors, bridging the gap between the community and the school district or charter school. Effective communication between these entities is paramount for fostering a thriving educational environment.  School board members serve as the heartbeat of a community, representing the diverse voices and concerns of parents, students, and community members. By actively engaging with the community, board members gain invaluable insights into the unique needs and expectations of their constituents. This open line of communication ensures that the decisions made at the district level resonate with the community they serve. Similarly, school board members must play a vital connection between the work of the district/charter school to their community by keeping regular lines of communication about the overall performance of their students, the challenges the district/school is addressing, and understanding the school or districts resources – or lack thereof. By communicating the district or charter needs and successes, school board members can create a collaborative model where the community steps up to secure funding, support programs, ensuring that student learning is at the forefront – creating a model where everyone feels invested in the success of the school district or charter. 

ISBA has kick started your journey in explaining your role as a school board member in your school district or charter school. Please see our resources below.


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