The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is a non-profit, service organization providing policy services, legislative advocacy, leadership support and quality, cost-efficient board professional development to association members.

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erstad ARCHITECTS, located in Boise, Idaho brings to every project a thorough knowledge of and attention to the myriad issues surrounding it – from climate to building codes, zoning issues to budgetary concerns – so you don’t have to. We believe different is good. However, we are traditionalists in two ways: we consider absolute responsibility to client satisfaction to be our primary concern, and we believe form and function are inseparable elements of good architecture. We assign to each project its own unique and organic structure that is responsive and appropriate to its site, program, and client needs. erstad ARCHITECTS is licensed in 10 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

erstad ARCHITECTS Contact: 
Synde Walden
(208) 331-9031  Ext. 2020
[email protected]

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