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Board Development

The Idaho School Boards Association strives to provide school board members with the information, Professional Development and support needed to serve their district. Developing highly trained and effective board/superintendent teams will help to positively affect student achievement and education.

ISBA Professional Development Workshops include School Board Governance, Leadership for Student Achievement, Education Law, Human Resources, Finance & Board’s Oversight Role, and Collective Bargaining. Customized workshops created for individual board needs.

Big News for Board Development

The Legislature appropriated $6,600 per school district or charter school to be used specifically for board, superintendent, and charter school administrator training. ISBA has created professional development plans to help you receive the best training value for the appropriated $6,600. Contact Krissy for more information.

We Are All In It Together

Which Professional Development Plan is Right for Your Board?
A)  Want to build a better superintendent and board team?
B)  What are the do’s and don’ts for board members? You don’t know what you don’t know
C)  Town Hall Meeting: Want a great, new way to interact with your community?
D)  Board Meeting Review: Want help conducting your meeting?
E)  Improvement Plans: Would you like to be a data driven board?                                                                                              F)  Policy & Procedure

* To view descriptions of these Professional Development Plans, please click HERE.

ISBA School Board Professional Development Services

Board Development with the ISBA Standards:

Professional Development Modules

Board Development Events:

Annual Convention

Summer Leadership Institute

Day on the Hill

Region Meetings

Additional Resources:

So You Want To Be A School Board Member

New Board Member Packet

Board of Trustees Self-Assessment

Code of Ethics for School Board Members

ISBA Leadership Awards Program

In an effort to recognize board members committed to their own continued leadership education, we developed the ISBA Leadership Awards Program. The ISBA Leadership Awards Program offers two awards; the Board Member Award of Leadership and the Master of Leadership Award. These awards are earned in a 12 month period, July through June, and are recognized during the ISBA Annual Convention. To learn more about the ISBA Leadership Awards Program, please see this Leadership Award Flyer.

Board Member Award of Leadership:

This award is part of the ISBA Leadership Awards Program. Individual board members can earn the Board Member Award of Leadership by reaching one of three levels of recognition; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. This award recognizes excellence among Idaho Board Members by awarding those who acquire points for activities.

Master of Leadership Award:

The Master of Leadership Award is granted if the majority of the Board receives an award.  The award recipient demonstrates both leadership basics and effectiveness of the five standards of school board operations; governance, continuous improvement, advocacy, accountability, and community engagement.

Schedule Your Board Professional Development

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